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「Guest house Ui-ca - A taste of traditional Japan」

Did everything that we wanted - can't really say that there was anything we didn't like.

Highly recommend Guest house Ui-ca to anyone who wants to immerse themselves in a little bit of old Japan, and have a break away from modern hotels. You have the whole house to yourself,and your own front door key. It is very traditional Japanese with plenty of tatami mats, paper screens and a world of character. Our two girls (12&9) loved it. It's in a really interesting area that is jam packed with temples (70 in the local area), of note it is near the Ninja temple, and 5 mins from the route for the Kanazawa loop bus. Kanazawa is a gem - we were there at the peak of the cherry blossom and the castle and gardens were perfect. Yumiko-san was a wonderful host. We had our luggage forwarded to the house, which she kindly sorted out for us, she picked us up at the train station and gave us a tour round Kanazawa castle on the way to the house. Her English is limited but with the aid of Google translate we were able to sort everything out with no problems.

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